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Will bring climate change chapters back to school textbooks: education minister

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Saturday that the Center would bring back chapters on climate change, which were removed from textbooks.

“We need to include these elements in our universities and our education system so that we can meet the challenges of climate change and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals,” Pradhan said.

He was speaking at a 3-day education conclave organized by the ministry. Pradhan was talking about the changes the National Education Policy 2020 will bring as it rolls out.

The group of teachers had raised objections to the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) dropping topics related to weather and climate change in grades 6-12.

A statement released by educators fighting climate change, Teachers Against the Climate Crisis, urged NCERT to reverse the changes. “Students around the world have been deeply concerned about the drastic changes wrought by environmental degradation – of which climate change is an example…Students need to understand the complexity of the climate crisis…to respond to it and engage in it intelligently,” the statement read. Lily.

To reduce the academic load for students after the Covid pandemic, NCERT has made changes to the programs for students in classes VI to XII. More than 30% of the program has been removed.

During the conclave, Pradhan further said that by allowing education in Indian languages ​​in the NEP 2020, a large portion of children will be connected to the education system. “For a long time, the system has worked to end our culture, our guru-shishya tradition and our educational system. From the destruction of the Taxila in the fifth century to the destruction of Indian teaching methods by Macaulay, our languages, our knowledge systems and our culture have been destroyed,” said Pradhan.

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