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Wanted: Men in the primary school system | Letters


I was listening to the graduation ceremony for my foster mother, Mico University College sometime in November had one of the biggest surprises. I had heard that there weren’t many men in the Jamaican education system, but I had a bad surprise. I became so frustrated as a man that I stopped listening to the ceremony. The announcer called all the graduates of the secondary category and I heard men, but in the primary category, no men were announced. It’s unfortunate so I wondered where is the education of our young boys though so much special effort has been put into keeping our boys safe by this particular college.

The government will have to reconsider its vain efforts to capture the imagination of our young men. I would like to see the day when men are no longer marginalized in the workplace. No wonder our crime rates are so high, we’re on the wrong trajectory and we need to take stock as a country and implement effective, far-reaching, boy-focused change. Teaching and learning cannot be successful without the intervention of our young men. We should be more strategic in changing the cultural dynamic by integrating our young men into a much better system.

If we have so few males to teach our younger ones, we are heading for a dead end. What has become of our men who are ranked as most of our heroes who have rendered exemplary service to this country? Why then do we only have one heroine in Nanny? Are we giving women low returns for their wonderful services? We have to give our females baskets to carry water. Jamaicans need to be more proactive instead of reactive or we will never reach global standards.


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