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Towards a homogenization of school programs

He said that private schools have already adopted the JK Board textbooks from grade 9 and that the Board will ensure that the same process is implemented for grades 6 to 8 as well as from grade 9. next session. “Some schools have already adopted JKBOSE books from grade 6, but the majority were prescribing textbooks from private publishers as they got a good commission from them,” he said in Greater Kashmir.

“But we will ensure that all private schools adopt the JK Board prescribed textbooks for all grades to end discrimination between the government and private school students,” he said.

As previously reported by this newspaper, every year, textbooks worth more than Rs 200 crore are sold in Kashmir and the J&K government has failed to regulate the price, resulting in parents being scammed by private schools.

A source said the connection between private publishers and private school owners is deep-rooted due to the fact that schools have started selling these textbooks either from their campuses or are available at specific stores instead. to keep books available on the open market.

“It’s a huge business in which the private schools earn a huge commission by a margin of 40-50% of the MRP. An agreement is made between the bookseller and the schools to distribute the commission,” a senior official said.

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