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The Foundation sensitizes ‘Alarammas’ on the program of the school of Tsangaya

A non-governmental organization, the KDC Foundation, has engaged the teachers of the Tsangaya school, known as Alarammas, on a new program to be designed to run the Tsangaya schools.

The foundation, working for the transformation of the Almajiri education system, organized the engagement to discuss and sensitize the Alarammas on the new program it planned to design to run the Tsangaya schools.

The interaction, which brought together various stakeholders, focused on ways to mobilize the Alarammas to accept the changes in the programme.

Foundation Chairman Khalifa Muhammad Dankadai said the essence of the session was to hear from teachers at Tsangaya School about their perceptions of the program and also to get their input to further improve the program.

He said: “By analyzing the information provided by the Alarammas, it is assured that they have accepted the system and are also ready to work with it when it is ready, which is our main concern.

“We will consider their views and we will give them carte blanche to make the system work. Part of what we are going to do is teach English and math and also teach young children entrepreneurial skills so they stop begging on the street and still dress neatly like all the other students “, did he declare.

He said they engaged all stakeholders, including the state government, in 10 Tsangaya schools in each of the 6 selected northern states.

A lecturer from the Faculty of Education at Bayero University in Kano (BUK), Dr. Kamilu Ibrahim, said there were indications that this time around the Tsangaya school reform effort would be successful. reviewing the foundations laid for the program.

“It’s totally different from other past efforts because this one has engaged the teachers at Tsangaya to play their own part and I’m very sure that if handled well, success is on their side.”

Also speaking on behalf of the teachers of Tsangaya, Alaramma Malam Jazuli said they witnessed a series of broadcasts but none of them succeeded, adding that this was the first one that invited them to be part of all project activities.

He said the teachers at Tsangaya were ready to accept and work with the curriculum the foundation promised to design.

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