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‘Sexually Explicit’ Textbook Bill Wins Final Pass and Heads to Governor’s Office | State and region

Albo said that when Murphy attempted to complain about the content to state officials, the state’s “porn screens” blocked his email.

“I lived in a fraternity house for two years. There isn’t much that bothers me, ”Albo said. “Even I was appalled at how bad it was. “

Of the. Alfonso H. Lopez, D-Arlington, said governments have struggled to define the term “sexually explicit.” He argued that the bill is broad enough that it could apply to sexual references in biology classes or to history discussions of war crimes involving rape.

“This means that we are tagging content for the sole purpose of potentially removing it,” Lopez said.

Lopez, who said he played Falstaff in a college production of “Henry IV, Part 1”, noted that the House voted on Wednesday to designate 2016 as “the year of Shakespeare.”

“Is ‘Romeo and Juliet’ about to be diminished and reduced to a play about sex and teenage suicide?” Lopez said.

During questioning in the House, Lopez admitted that he and others made a “mistake” in voting for the bill last month, when it passed 98-0.

Boss of Bill — Del. R. Steven Landes, R – Augusta — said the legislation has been twisted and is an attempt to address parental concerns that have not been addressed at the local level.

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