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School system submits draft budget to county

HAMLET — Richmond County Schools will not be asking the county for an increase in their proposed 2022-23 capital spending budget, but will be asking for an additional $385,000 from three identified needs.

Last year, the school system budgeted $2,005,500 for capital projects. Although there is no overall difference, there will be an increase of $8,000 for ceiling and canopy repairs and a decrease for window and floor replacement.

Last year’s local budget under regular capital expenditures for RCS was $423,500. There will be a $90,000 increase for paving and repairs and a $90,000 decrease for direct digital upgrades.

A few of the needs identified in the proposed local budget include a 10% increase in the supplement for teachers, a 2.5% increase in salaries and payroll, and a 3% increase in public services.

The cost of these requests is $153,467 (plus an in-state teacher supplement of $130,406), $49,662 and $52,358, respectively, for a grand total of $385,893 to be allocated to the county. Fund 2 revenues for RCS in 2022-2023 would be $11,382,893.

Budgeted items that remain the same as the prior year include restoration overhead, Title 1 overhead, and sales and use tax refund.

In the proposed local budget for 2022-23, $964,937 will be spent on classroom teachers, $976,620 on central office administration, $1,221,714 on non-teaching support staff and $444,370 on the administration of school buildings.

The draft budget was submitted to the county on Wednesday.

ESSER changes the source of funding

The Emergency and Emergency Relief Fund for Secondary Schools has changed where the majority of RCS funding comes from.

In 2019-20, public funds accounted for 60% of the district’s overall budget. Federal funds accounted for only 12%.

In 2020-21, the amount of public funds the school system will receive drops from 16% to 44%, while ESSER funds, which are federal, increase from 12% to 36%.

Last year was the first time since 2012 that RCS added money to its fund balance. RCS added $1,490,683 that year.

Approved budget amendment requests

The Board of Education unanimously approved four requests for the 2021-2022 budget.

• State funds: increase of $3,627,188 for instructional services, $728,212 for system-wide support services and $113,190 for ancillary services

• Federal funds — increase of $516,076 for educational services, $7,663,881 for system-wide support services, $146,939 for ancillary services and $5,512 for interfund transfers

• Capital Expenditure Fund: increase of $8,000 for system-wide support services, $511,509 for non-program expenses and $21,279 for capital expenditures

• Other local funds — increase of $557,661 for instructional services, $57,184 for system-wide support services and $2,274 for ancillary services

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