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School curriculum needs books on female freedom fighters: Balabharathi

Social activists should discuss the characteristics and merits of books like Penne Peraartral on social media and not limit themselves to sensational topics, suggested CPI leader (M) Balabharathi.

Release of a book on a collection of women pillars entitled Penne PeraartralFormer MPP and member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) state executive committee Balabharathi suggested that the Tamil Nadu government should include books on women in schools as part of the school curriculum.

The book is a collection of the life stories of 120 women who played an important role in the freedom movement and even before that in the country. Speaking at a book launching ceremony on Thursday, Ms Balabharathi said that spreading the sacrifices and services of female figures in the early years of Indian independence through teachers would go a long way towards better understanding the issues for the next generation. students.

The Department of Social Welfare should play a central role in disseminating knowledge to children, especially female students. Thanking the author for providing voluminous details, the Communist leader said raising awareness of student girls at an early age could lead to more women in legislatures and in parliament.

Today, although women voters outnumber men in Tamil Nadu, the number of women elected was very low. “If this is to change, students should know more about history and such books can be the way to bring about tangible change,” she said.

The former MP appealed to institutions such as the Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation to raise awareness and educate people about social ills such as child marriage, which was on the rise. Female infanticide, which was once rampant, was not prevented to a large extent until after formal education was given to large numbers of people in rural areas, she noted.

Social activists should discuss the characteristics and merits of books like Penne Peraartral on social media and not be limited to sensational topics, suggested Ms. Balabharathi.

R. Rajakumari, Executive Director, MS Chellamuthu Trust published the book and Mrs. Balabharathi received the first copy on this occasion. Selvagomathi, director, Justice Shivaraj Patil Foundation; Bimla Chandrasekar, Director, Ekta, an NGO based in Madurai; lawyer Balasundari and others were congratulated.

Author B. Thirumalai said this was his 42nd book and it took him about a year to collect all the information about faithful women from various sources. Chellamuthu Trust, KPS Director Janardhan Babu hosted the gathering at the launch event and publisher Mr Murugesan offered a vote of thanks.

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