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Parents want more say in curriculum

In the United States, parents want more say in the public school curriculum.

In the United States, parents want more say in their children’s school curriculum and have taken steps to have more control and more access. The past two school years have been difficult and contentious. There was a political divide created in the schools that found its way into the classroom. As a result, parents are attending school board meetings far more in an effort to have a say in how schools teach controversial topics such as race, history, sex education and religion.

There have already been transparency bills introduced by 12 states in the Republic where elected officials want to require teachers to post their curriculum online and face consequences for schools that do not. There is even a bill that has been introduced in the US Congress called Parents Bill of Rights. This would allow parents to know exactly what is taught in the school and where all the school funding is going. This bill has little chance of being passed.

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This bill is backed by conservative politicians who say the opposite side is giving all control of education to teachers’ unions. The purpose of these bills is to give worried parents more control and reassurance about what their children are learning every day. The coronavirus pandemic has been divisive in parenting and, as a result, schools have been a focus.

Parents now want to be heavily involved and informed about what is taught at school. Learning English reports that these legal demands in these presented bills are already legal and already happening. The public school curriculum is easily accessible and many of these information rights already exist. Teachers are allowed to share their curriculum and, upon request, can even share some of their lesson plans. Teachers even agree to involve parents more in what is taught in schools.

Yet these bills seek to impose a legal caveat on the school curriculum and demand accountability. Controversial teaching topics will never please anyone. Not everyone will be satisfied with all the information provided or information that is kept out. Parents will disagree with teachers and parents will disagree with each other. The greatest guarantee to ensure that a child receives the education that the family wants is to go to a private school or a charter school.

Source: Learn English, Education Week

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