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Livingston Parish School System Achieves Fifth Best Simulated Performance Score in State | News

Livingston Parish Public Schools reported the state’s fifth best performance score for 2021, surpassing its most recent score before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Mock Education Department’s accountability report. Louisiana.

In the report released on December 3, the local school system had a simulated District Performance Score (DPS) of 90.2, about 1.7 points higher than in 2019, when it ranked 10th out of 69 districts. school.

The Livingston Parish school system was one of 18 districts that reportedly increased their DPS from two years ago, signaling the sixth-highest increase in the state, according to simulated results. Livingston Parish was one of only three districts in the top ten to increase its score from 2019.

Live Oak High led all parish schools with a simulated performance score of 112.9, which the school said was the highest in the state without selective enrollment. Rounding out the local top five, French Settlement High (103.5), Springfield High (102.8), Denham Springs High (102.1) and Freshwater Elementary (98.5).

Only six parish schools in Livingston finished below the state average.

The LPPS overall performance score finished behind just four other school districts: West Feliciana (95.7), Zachary (93.3), Central (91.9) and Ascension (91). Scores from the five districts would generally get an “A” grade.

“We know that our students return to our campuses as quickly as they did and that our campuses offer creative alternatives that have enabled our students to be in face-to-face learning environments with our teachers was the key to minimizing the learning deficits created by the COVID pandemic, ”Superintendent Joe Murphy said in a statement.

“Often times, this effort placed an undue burden on our teachers and program managers, but it was necessary to overcome the challenges. “

The improvement in Livingston Parish came as the vast majority of the state’s school districts – around 71% – showed declines in simulated scores during the pandemic-plagued 2020-21 school year. The statewide simulated performance score fell from 77.1 in 2019 to 75.3 in 2021, a decrease of 1.8.

High-poverty schools, high-minority schools, and schools where e-learning was more prevalent saw the largest declines, according to the report.

Public education officials stressed that the simulated school performance scores “are not official results” and have been provided “for informational and planning purposes only and should be interpreted with caution while taking into account the many other factors that may have influenced them “.

Like almost every other state, Louisiana was granted a waiver that allowed it to outline all of its policies related to producing school performance scores, including grades normally assigned to schools and districts.

Education officials noted that assessment results may not accurately reflect student learning “due to higher than usual non-attendance rates in addition to disruption caused by COVID-19 and hurricanes “.

“2020-2021 has been a year like no other, and the results cannot be compared with precision,” officials said in a statement. “In addition, by not producing official school performance scores, the Department and BESE are able to meet their commitment not to use this data for evaluation purposes. “

According to the mock report, high schools in Livingston Parish improved their overall cohort graduation rate by 12.4 points and their overall “graduation strength” index by 8.3 points.

In addition, the progression index for years 3-12 increased by 2 points, while the progression index for years 3-8 increased by 3.3 points.

The report also showed that 32 of the district’s schools were named Top Gains Honorees, which were recognized for a student progress score of 90 or more year over year. Twelve schools have been named Equity Honorees, which have been recognized for excellence in the education of students with disabilities, English learners and economically disadvantaged students.

Nine schools received both distinctions.

The report, however, showed a decrease in the district’s LEAP and year-end assessments, Murphy said. But the superintendent noted that some of the “points subtracted” came from the fact that a number of students – 124 – withdrew from accountability tests.

“While we recognize the challenges presented by the pandemic, Livingston Schools have moved quickly throughout the past year to address student learning and have continued to provide support and resources to all of our students,” Murphy said.

“We believe that while these are mock results presented by the state, they reflect the dedication of every Livingston Parish Public School employee to serving the needs of our students, parents and community. “

Below are the simulated school performance scores for the 43 schools in Livingston Parish, according to the Louisiana Department of Education report:

Albany Lower Elementary – 86.1

Albany Upper Elementary – 85.8

Denham Springs Elementary – 92.5

Denham Springs Freshman High – 80.8

Denham Springs High – 102.1

Denham Springs Junior High – 85.4

Eastern Elementary – 88.6

Elementary French school – 81.1

French establishment High – 103.5

Freshwater Elemental – 98.5

Gray’s Creek Elementary School – 71.2

Juban Parc Primary School – 89.8

Juban Parc Junior High – 81.5

Levi Milton Elementary – 85.1

Lewis Vincent Elementary – 81.8

Elementary Live Oak – 81.5

Live Oak Junior High – 89.1

North Corbin Elementary School – 77.9

North Corbin Secondary College – 85.1

North Live Oak Elementary – 89.9

Northside Elementary – 68.9

Seventh Elementary Parish – 85.4

South Fork Elementary – 68.8

Elementary South Live Oak – 93.5

South Walker Primary School – 80.4

Elementary Southside – 69.7

Southside Junior High – 76.6

Springfield Elementary – 64.9

Springfield Midfield – 83.1

Walker Junior High – 78.5

Westside Junior High – 78.8

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