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Letter: No comparison between the high school curriculum and Nazism | Opinion

For the editor:

Comparing a high school curriculum to the Nazi “Final Solution” that caused the torture and murder of six million people, a February 17 letter to the editor once again crosses a line and reveals the extent from the ignorance of the writer. the story.

This letter is deeply insulting to the school board who I am sure are people of conscience, integrity and commitment despite his claims. It also reeks of white privilege and ingrained racism that he claims doesn’t exist.

Instead of his usual parrot of superficial right-wing talking points on every subject, he should try to do what he recommends to students at Newburyport High School – which exercises its own ‘intellectual skills’ and examines the facts himself.

Critical race theory, unknown to most until a few years ago, has not invaded the classrooms of Newburyport. It is simply, according to Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, a campaign of controversy and fear of GOP operatives. And why, you might wonder, would they do that? Because it’s a simple and effective way to energize Trump’s base and build voters for the midterm elections and a chance to reclaim Congress.

It is unfortunate that Republicans, for crude political purposes, are blocking, among other things, the possibility of a constructive national conversation in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, on common decency and basic human rights. All citizens have the right to be treated equally, regardless of race, religion or gender. Last I looked, it was the so-called “American way of life that has been an inspiration to the world for generations” that the author of the February 17 letter describes.

Until we as a country come face to face with the realities of how our history has brought us to this very moment, we can never find a way forward to become the country that looks like the more to the ideals that we profess.



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