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Kentucky school system is so fed up with unruly school board meetings they force parents to submit opinions via email with a 500 word limit


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  • A Kentucky County school board is asking members of the public to submit comments via email.

  • The policy change was spurred by an unruly school board meeting earlier this month,

  • School board meetings have become increasingly lively across the country.

A Kentucky County school system is so fed up with disruptive speakers at unruly school board meetings that they force members of the public to submit their opinions via a 500-word email.

Parents and other community members in Jefferson County – Kentucky’s most populous county – were told ahead of Tuesday’s school board meeting that all opinions and concerns should be emailed to the board secretary, according to a special meeting notice.

The protocol was announced after a county school board meeting earlier in October included a cry over whether or not police should be stationed inside schools, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported to the era.

Security had to step in and end the meeting, according to the report.

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“Important business needs to be conducted during our meetings,” JCPS chief communications officer Renee Murphy said in a statement to Insider. “It wasn’t possible earlier this month.”

Louisville isn’t the only region adjusting to the peak of unruly school board meetings.

In Virginia, the Loudoun County School Board said it was limiting speakers at Wednesday’s board meeting to parents, students, residents, business owners and employees in the district, the district.

A school board meeting over the summer in that district escalated into violence and arrests after parents argued over the school’s treatment of transgender students, according to NBC Washington.

In Brevard County, Florida, the school board voted on Tuesday to change its public speaking policy, local news station News 13 reported.

The county school board can now decide how long it will let someone speak, based on the number of people signing up to speak, according to the report. People are also no longer allowed to hold up signs that block cameras.

Parents in that district had protested the mask warrants in schools, Florida Today reported.

School board meetings across the country have become increasingly lively as the country’s cultural war drama spills over into topics such as mask warrants or teaching so-called “critical theory of death.” race”.

In the past week alone, the Missouri, Pennsylvania and Ohio state school board associations have all pulled out of the National School Boards Association after sending a letter to the Biden administration last month asking federal help to crack down on disruptive meetings.

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