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Islamophobic Content Injected Into California Textbooks: American Muslim Group | World news

A group of 15 large American Muslim organizations alleged that a California board responsible for developing textbooks was injecting “Islamophobic content” into the new curriculum.

“Injecting Islamophobic content into teacher’s textbooks would ignite the way student discussions are framed. Students, teachers and communities all suffer when content is rigged to cause disruption, ”the leading American Muslim group said in a letter to the California State Board of Education, which is reviewing and updating the K-12 History-Social Science. Framework for public schools.

“The bombardment of damaging ideas, from the media to presidential primaries, has left no one immune. Even the educators our children admire are touched by hate speech, ”the letter told the California Board, which is considered very influential because its textbooks are followed and adopted in several US states.

In the letter, the organizations alleged that unlike the treatment of other religions, Islam was introduced into the program primarily under a discourse of war and conquest.

These include the Islamic Society of North America (National), the Islamic Circle of North America, the Northern California Islamic Council (NCIC), the Southern California Shura Islamic Council, and the Indian Muslim Council. from America.

“The text of the program in its current form is biased in its references to alleged forced conversions from non-Muslims to Islam, often when none of these forced conversions are even reported in historical sources,” the report said. letter.

Likewise, the program text completely erases the role played by US foreign policy in funding extremist religious Muslim groups to achieve short-term political goals and advances the idea that religious extremism is not to be found. than among Muslims, by throwing the blame on ‘radical Islam’, ”he declared.

The letter claimed that only Islam was targeted when it came to studying religious nationalism, even though Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army killed tens of thousands of people in Africa in the name of Christian nationalism. .

“Although India is the second most populous country in the world, the dramatic rise of Hindu nationalism in this country and its violent consequences on religious minorities have been reduced to a passing reference in the program of the section on religious nationalism. “, he said.

“It is disconcerting to see the hundreds of changes submitted by groups and individuals who are inserting more Islamophobia into the already problematic California school curriculum,” the letter said.

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