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In Hong Kong, new schoolbooks claim the territory was not a British colony

HONG KONG: New textbooks for Hong Kong schools will say the territory was never a British colony, according to local media.
Instead, the books will state that the British “only exercised colonial rule” in Hong Kong – a distinction drawn to highlight China’s claims of unbroken sovereignty, BBC reported.
China has always claimed that it never gave up its sovereignty and that its surrender of Hong Kong to the British was due to an unjust decision opium war treated in the 1800s.
The UK returned Hong Kong to China in 1997 after ruling for more than 150 years.
During his reign, he referred to Hong Kong – a port with a deep harbor that became a booming city-state and one of the world’s major financial centers – as a colony, as well as a dependent territory.
The UK ruled the region from 1841 to 1941 and from 1945 to 1997, after which it was returned to China, the BBC reported.
The new textbooks attempt to explain the differences between a colony and colonial rule – the texts stating that for a country to call an external territory a colony, it must have sovereignty as well as governance over the area.
In the case of Hong Kong, the British “only exercised colonial rule…so Hong Kong is not a British colony,” the textbooks say, according to local media.
The books were written for a specific course to be taught in Hong Kong schools focusing on the ideals of citizenship, legality and patriotism, the BBC reported.
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