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HCPS Introduces Expanded Reading and New Math Curriculum to Summer School Curriculum

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – With the regular school year over, summer programs for public school students in the city of Harrisonburg are set to kick off next week with new additions.

This year, teachers will use a new math curriculum called ‘Math for Love’, which focuses on developing group problem-solving skills as well as math vocabulary.

An element added to the 2022 program is another layer of reading and literacy, with an emphasis on phonics. The two new additions were decided upon after professional development courses taken by staff, as well as research gathered through student testing.

“We have found through the pandemic and the missing time in school that many of our students, even in some of our upper grades, lack these foundational skills. And so this program really brings some of that work in and gives our teachers a really structured approach to help fill in some of those gaps,” said Jeremy Weaver, director of primary education at HCPS.

Weaver says enrollment is lower this year than last, with student groups in elementary programs ranging from 80 to 175 students and about 50 students enrolled in the middle school program.

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