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Ethiopia: #asdailyscoop – Benishangul-Gumz State steps up efforts to improve curriculum in three mother tongues

Addis Ababa – Benishangul-Gumz Regional State has announced that it is working to improve the curriculum in three languages ​​which are used as the mother tongue to teach in schools in the region.

This was revealed during a consultative meeting between the state’s Regional Education Office and relevant stakeholders on how to make the Komo, Mao and Gwama languages ​​taught as the three mother tongues in schools across the region more effective in the education system. Participants at the meeting also discussed issues that have been implicated as barriers to the development of these languages, the region’s education office said.

The head of the state’s Regional Education Office, Binyam Mengesha, said schools in the region are already teaching the three languages ​​as their mother tongue and his office will intensify work to take efforts to the next level by developing a work organization, by implementing language strategies, and improving teachers’ salaries and building their capacities.

The head of the regional office of the Prosperity Party, Isaac Abdulkadir, for his part said that the regional government is trying to make languages ​​effective in the process of teaching and learning. However, he pointed to the lack of qualified teachers, limited supervision and support, timely delivery of textbooks and gaps in student literacy as challenges.

The forum brought together senior regional officials, officials from Mao and Como Special Woredas and relevant stakeholders.

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