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Dollar General donates $ 50,000 to the local school system

FOURMILE, Ky. – The Lone Jack School Center in Bell County received an early Christmas present this year: a $ 50,000 donation of a general dollar to benefit children and literacy programs.

What would you like to know

  • Lone Jack School Center receives $ 50,000 from Dollar General
  • $ 50,000 comes from Dollar General’s Reading Revolution program
  • Principal Defevers plans to advance the school’s library and technology resources
  • Dollar General’s regional director surprised the school on Wednesday morning with the donation of the check

Jonathan Defevers is the principal of Lone Jack School Center, just outside of Pineville, Ky. From Kindergarten to Grade 8, Defevers said all students are his top priority and he wants to make positive changes for future generations.

“It’s our raison d’être if you ask any manager: ‘Why do you get up every morning and why do you come to work every day with the stress and headache of the different scenarios that arise. present? It’s because of the weather. It’s investing in their life because I know what it’s like to be that kid who lives in the holler’s head, “Defevers said.” I know what it’s like to be that kid who comes from the poor neighborhood and I see every day, that not only myself, but also my teachers and resource managers and my teacher, we are making a change. “

Over the past year, the pandemic has been difficult for staff and students, but Wednesday morning Defevers was taken by surprise.

“I know this last year has been so difficult but we are so excited that you are all in school and all together and it has taken a lot out of our community with everything that has happened with COVID But we know it ‘is a super strong community, ”said Tracy Sartin, regional director of Dollar General.

Sartin visited the school to give a special gift of $ 50,000.

“I had no idea it would be that amount and it’s overwhelming the emotion we have right now,” Defevers said.

With the Reading Revolution program, Dollar General donated money to help the Fourmile School with its literacy programs purchase resources like computers and books. Defevers said this money will bring change not only to the school, but also to its community.

“In eastern Kentucky, everyone knows we’ve been with the coal industry and the loss of the coal industry. Our population has shrunk, so having that money and investing in these kids is amazing, “Defevers said.” It’s unfathomable to think that we have $ 50,000 to invest in the lives of our students. ”

Every child will be touched by this gift, and Defevers said he looks forward to providing new opportunities to his students.

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