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Construction projects, improvements on track for the school system

Multipurpose sports building

The multipurpose sports building will house a basketball court, locker rooms, restrooms and a state-of-the-art weight room that students can use during the day for strength and conditioning classes and student-athletes can use after school. The building sits between the high school, performing arts center, gymnasium and press room, making it a unique challenge to navigate, Bennett said.

Construction of the multipurpose sports building is well underway at Dawson County High School and is expected to be completed in the first three months of 2023. (Photos courtesy of Dawson County School System)

“I’m sure a lot of people saw the crane that had to lift all the steel structure and all the pieces above the gymnasium into place,” Bennett said. “Many school systems, if they had built this, would have put it in a parking lot somewhere or moved it away from school, but for our students, this was the best place for it to be used at the maximum and so that’s where we put it even though it was a little more awkward in the construction.

Currently, Bennett said the steel frame is nearing completion, the walls are in progress, and the electrical and plumbing is about 15 and 40 percent complete.

“They poured the second floor, the first floor ceiling and the second floor floor, so that’s good,” Bennett said. “It seems to move really really fast; it is very effective. We had cooperating weather conditions and we are making tremendous progress on this facility.

When completed, the multipurpose sports building will provide a plethora of opportunities for students that the school was previously unable to provide.

“It gives our teams the ability to not practice so late at night, to have additional meeting spaces or practice locations if you are an outdoor sport – so if baseball has to pitch and qu ‘It’s windy and it’s raining and everything else, they have a place they can come in and throw,’ Bennett said. “It also gives certain sports like cheerleading and wrestling a place to train rather than sharing a gymnasium at the same time. And the weight room will help all of our athletes and students who are not necessarily athletes but are also taking a weight training course.

Multi-purpose building 2.jpg

Construction of the multipurpose sports building is well underway at Dawson County High School and is expected to be completed in the first three months of 2023. (Photos courtesy of Dawson County School System)

The project is currently on track for completion in the first three months of 2023.

Roger D. Slaton Agri-Science Center

The Roger D. Slaton Agriscience Center, named for the late Dawson County School Board member Roger Slaton, is also well underway, Bennett said.

“It will start moving a little faster even though it started a little later because it’s being taken apart and put together,” Bennett said.

Currently, the asphalt and paving are complete and the steelwork is in place, and crews are working on the concrete block walls, he said. Electrical and plumbing work is approximately 25% complete.

When complete, the Agri-Science Center will greatly expand opportunities for high school agriculture courses. It will house classrooms and a show barn, and the center will also include a pasture area to provide dedicated space for the animals to spend time outdoors.

“The AgScience center will open up a lot more opportunities for classes, we’ll be able to put on shows, house more animals, and have a better teaching environment for our agriculture classes,” Bennett said. “With the state of Georgia approving elementary school agricultural science education, we expect this program to continue to grow.”

AgScience Building 1.jpg

Construction of the Roger D. Slaton Agriscience Center is well underway at Dawson County High School and is expected to be completed in the first three months of 2023. (Photos courtesy of Dawson County School System)

Like the multipurpose sports building, the agroscience center is also on track for completion between January and March 2023.

That both projects are on track, Bennett said, is due in part to the school system and builders being proactive in getting materials and supplies ahead of time.

“The good thing is we’re on top of things – even though the US and the world sometimes lags behind, we get everything we need in time to be proactive and take the next step. of the project,” Bennett said.

Standard Building Upgrades

In addition to the two major construction projects, the system is also working on a third project: the maintenance of school buildings in view of the return to school this fall.

“We have the standard maintenance of our school buildings, so we are working on the floors, the new painting, the preparation of the classrooms, the installation of new technologies in the classrooms, the installation of new radios, a lot things like that – and we’re fine with that,” Bennett said.

New floors, moving away from the old floors that needed to be waxed, are being installed in the classrooms, and painting is also underway. During the “dead period” for athletics around the week of July 4, wooden basketball floors will be refinished and sealed so they can harden and dry for basketball practices and practices. and volleyball.

“A lot of standard things are going well and I would like to give a lot of credit to Everett Burt and all the guys that work for him; he has a team of seven guys and he runs the facilities,” Bennett said. “And Vickie Pafford is our administrative assistant in this department; they did a great job making sure everything was planned and on time and got everything done.

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