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College Books for ADHD Teens: Top 10 Reading Choices

Gracie’s point of view: And finally, I would like to recommend my own first novel! Writing helps me solve my problems. Writing this book has helped me treat and celebrate my ADHD. Hope this helps you do the same.

The school in my book is a place where all students have learning differences. Knowing this makes it easier for your students to communicate honestly with each other. They respect each other’s differences and this openness creates a strong community.

Instead of labeling the differences in how the characters learn or explaining their behavior, I just make them a staple of their descriptions so that they probably look somewhat different from the characters you’re used to in fiction. Those of us who learn differently are indeed interesting people. I hope this will appear in the book.

Editor’s summary: “Welcome to the school of superheroes! Join Oliver, Jess, and all of their friends on a mission to destroy Vork’s power-hungry villains. From underground sewers to lush jungles, from dinosaurs to dragons, our heroes are pushed to their limits in ways they never imagined. Will their collective powers – flight, transformation, invisibility, mind reading, and more – be enough for them to defeat Vork’s malevolence? Or will they stumble over their own doubts and painful stories? Read this action-packed journey of friendship, hardship and humor to find out.

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