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Colbert County School System Changes Covid-19 Protocols

In one week, Colbert County schools had 48 students and one staff member tested positive for the coronavirus. The school system has approximately 2,500 students.

The district is now amending its Covid policies where contact tracing is disabled and masks are recommended.

Colbert County School System

The news comes as two neighborhood schools have gone virtual due to the Covid epidemics.

Under the new guidelines, students who test positive for Covid will have to self-isolate at home for 10 days.

But if your child has been exposed to close contact and has no symptoms, they can go back to school.

Superintendent Chris Hand said they are no longer doing contact tracing.

Hatton Elementary School and Colbert County High School have gone virtual due to cases of covid.

Julie Aday has a fourth and second year at Leighton Elementary School. Aday said the whole family has fallen with Covid and they are on the verge of being released from quarantine.

She said she didn’t think they got it from school, and she’s glad the district changed some policies to keep children in school longer.

“As far as Leighton Elementary in the school system goes, they haven’t had to close their doors yet. Right now they’re doing the 10 days with a few other schools in the school system. I think they’re doing very well. regarding keeping up when we have to shut down for the safety of the kids so they can go back to school, ”Aday said.

Aday said his children wore their masks to school although it was only recommended. Aday said she felt the school district had a better handle on how to handle Covid this year.

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