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Call to include road safety standards in school curricula

Road safety volunteers allegiance to the Road Accident Action Forum (RAAF) passed a resolution on Sunday calling for the inclusion of road safety laws in school curricula.

The request was raised at a forum meeting. It was established almost 20 years ago to educate the public and officials on ways to mitigate road accidents and to reach out to the families of accident victims with all possible support.

The resolution called for the introduction of four separate modules for pre-primary, primary, secondary and upper secondary pupils. He stressed the need to appoint a group of experts to make the lessons interesting and complete with pictorial representations.

“We have already submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister and other ministers who manage portfolios such as education, transport and public works,” said RAAF Chairman KM Abdu. He pointed out that reconstituting the Kerala Road Safety Authority with more experts in the field and representatives from road safety organizations could be a productive step.

The district-level meeting, which was opened by Deputy Justice MP Shaijal to Gandhi Griham in the city, attracted the participation of new volunteers who expressed their willingness to contribute to road safety improvement programmes.

Mr Shaijal, who is also secretary of the District Legal Services Authority, said the reluctance of motorists to follow traffic rules and breaking speed limits were the main reasons for the increase in the number of road accidents in the state. He added that the safety challenges in the sector could only be addressed through healthy driving habits, strict law enforcement, awareness campaigns and road safety audit initiatives.

The RAAF has also decided to hold a state-level pilots meeting in February next year to honor top pilots. Association leaders said the meeting would be held in Kozhikode and that senior officials and ministers would attend.

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