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Artificial intelligence enters Bahrain’s school curriculum | THE DAILY TRIBUNE

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune –

Artificial intelligence had found its place in the Kingdom’s school curriculum.

Education minister Dr Majid Al Nuaimi said AI will be part of the 2021-2022 design and technology curriculum for grades two and three of primary school.

The ministry, he said, is also adding topics on the digital economy to the business science curriculum for high school students.

Design and technology books take into account the changing times and prepare students for more advanced programs such as robot design.

The books on information and communication technologies, the minister said, will be aimed at all primary and first preparatory classes to help them keep pace with future developments.

The ministry, he said, is also updating books on business culture, financial sports and the principles of secondary-stage economics in line with the demands of the labor market and in step with the rapid changes in the labor market. business and entrepreneurship management.

Dr Al Nuaimi said the book improves students’ understanding and skills and discusses the role of government in the economy and digital economy.

In the area of ​​languages ​​and humanities, the ministry said it is preparing a book for the geography of the Arabian Gulf for high school students in order to strengthen the Bahraini identity and consolidate the identity of the Gulf in its geographical dimensions. , social, economic and cultural.

A book on the geography of population will discuss the concept of population growth over development and help students understand the various factors affecting development and the different patterns of population growth in nations around the world.


The book, the minister said, also deals with building high-level analytical capacity and problem-solving skills to produce diverse solutions that promote sustainable development.

Regarding the book on modern and contemporary world history, the minister said it will improve students’ understanding of world events, Arab issues and world issues.

The ministry is also working on textbooks in English for high school students as part of the Impact series. Regarding the mother tongue books, the minister said that they are developing the Baraem Al-Arabia book for the second year of primary school and represents the second step in the development of teaching materials for the first cycle.

“The language is taught in its four skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing, and along with the rest of the teaching materials, it reinforces national and Arab values.”

Regarding science curricula, Dr Al Nuaimi said the ministry was preparing books for preparatory classes and guides for teachers for secondary subjects.

“Kim 101, Phys 101, Hayya 101, will be developed to keep pace with global developments, the Sustainable Development Goals, 21st century skills, TIMSS exam requirements and building critical thinking and thinking skills.” , said the minister.

Dr Al Nuaimi said that curriculum development plays a primary role in achieving the desired status and goals of the Kingdom relative to developed countries.

“It keeps pace with technological developments in line with Bahrain’s Vision 2030 to achieve the globally set goals by 2030, in particular the fourth Sustainable Development Goal, which emphasizes the provision of education quality and equitable for all and on improving lifelong learning opportunities. Added the Minister.

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