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AACPS Superintendent George Arlotto announces his departure from the school system at the end of the current school year

Superintendent George Arlotto announced today that he will be leaving Anne Arundel County Public Schools when his contract expires at the end of June.

In a letter to AACPS employees, families and the community at largeDr. Arlotto said that although he would have preferred to stay on as superintendent, the school board informed him that they would not be offering a third contract.

“This decision is one of the most significant and unique for a school board, as the hiring of a superintendent is solely within its jurisdiction,” Dr. Arlotto wrote. “I fully intend to continue my work on behalf of our students and the school system until my contract expires at the end of June. I wish our board of directors, our wonderful staff, our families and to the Anne Arundel community the very best as you move forward, collectively, to support, nurture and love our students.

Dr. Arlotto came to AACPS in 2006 after teaching and serving as a high school administrator in Virginia, the District of Columbia Public Schools, and the Montgomery County Public Schools. As a member of the superintendent’s senior and executive staff from 2006 to June 2014, Dr. Arlotto held positions as Principal of Secondary Schools; director of school performance; assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction, and academic performance; Associate Superintendent; and Chief of Staff.

The school board appointed Dr. Arlotto to a four-year term as Superintendent of Schools that began July 1, 2014, and reappointed him for a second four-year term that began July 1, 2018.

“While I may not know where life’s journey will take me next, I am certain that AACPS will continue to thrive,” Dr. Arlotto wrote in his letter. “As a student-focused school system orchestrated by caring, caring, compassionate, talented and professional educators and staff, our students will continue to grow and succeed.”

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