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A chance to post views for curriculum content | Pune News

PUNE: The State Council for Educational Research and Training, Maharashtra has opened a web portal where experts and people can give their opinion on the state curriculum framework which is designed in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020. The portal opened on Tuesday and will close on May 30.
The format of the position papers on 25 subjects was decided at national level. Fixed position papers have been made available to states on which individuals can submit their opinions, responses and suggestions.

For the effective implementation of the National Education Policy 2020, the Ministry of Education and the National Council for Educational Research and Training, New Delhi have started the process of preparing a National Curriculum Plan and State in several phases. Position papers related to 25 topics are being developed for curriculum preparation. A person can give their opinion on more than one subject.
Some positions relate to adult education, early childhood care, educational objectives, alternative schooling methods, artistic education, gender and vocational education.
“I will go through the position papers and see if there are any topics I can make suggestions on. It is important to give your opinion if you can and have something to contribute. There is a vast amount of information available and it is important to know what is relevant to the state and its children and what should be kept out,” said Mangala Narlikar, a prominent mathematician who is also part of the state math committee. Office of Textbooks, said.
Santosh Pawar, language coordinator at the Maharashtra State Textbook Bureau, also called on teachers and other experts to go through the position papers and give their input.
“Each language has its nuances which must be introduced into the programs so that the children can easily understand it. Therefore, teachers, subject matter experts, parents and even students must contribute to this exercise,” Pawar said.

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