ATM Loan

ATM Loan

Loan at the ATM is a questionable financial solution. Needing a personal loan is normal or you should know at least one person who has already needed bank credit, the money borrowed serves to meet extra expenses or a bigger gap in the budget.

We know that it is not small the number of people who have financial difficulties or want support from a financing to buy a home or a new car. Going for loans becomes a natural action. Attentive, banks and financiers offer various types of loans and personal credit. One of these types is the “ATM loan”.

One of the banks that offer this modality is Apobank Federal, its clients already have access to the service. Named Direct Credit Cash (CDC), in it you find the Easy Credit mode. It works like this: the bank’s customer obtains the pre-approved credit after a registration survey made in the process of opening the Apobank Fácil account and can use it as they wish.

The minimum limit starts with a credit of R $ 200 and can be requested on any day and time in lottery houses, 24-hour bank terminals, bank correspondents and Apobank branches. The contract for this loan is valid for 120 days, the client does not need to present guarantees and according to Apobank, the interest rate charged is 2% with an increase in IOF. To hire or renew this service, the client must pay an extra fee.

For those who need to borrow at the ATM with larger amounts, Apobank offers the Automatic Personal Credit (Auto CDC). This loan can be contracted at ATMs and the amount can vary from $ 300 to $ 30,000, are set according to the pre-approved limit of the client.

The interest rate is around 3.80% per month. The loan payments are discounted each month in the current account on the day chosen by the account holder. To make the Auto CDC before you can do the simulation.

The good thing is that you can apply for and receive loan money at the ATM, without having to face queues and wait for credit approval, the process is very practical and fast. And indeed it is! The problem is that there may be some kind of burden behind all this facility.

Proteste – Brazilian Association of Consumer Protection warned last year about the many problems that can arise with the granting of loans at the ATM. Before completing the operation, check the Total Effective Cost (CET) announced and the possibility of subsequent cancellation.